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Carpet and Upholstery Care
Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Cleaners Serving Ancaster, Beamsville, Binbrook, Burlington, Dundas, Glanbrook, Grimsby, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Waterdown, and the Golden Horseshoe Region of Ontario
Ecosuds Hamilton Burlington Ontario
Abrasive Dirt
Odour Elimination & Sanitizing
Does your carpet look great but smell awful?
Does your carpet smell like your pet?
Do you need to get tobacco smell removed your carpet?
Has a fire caused your carpet to smell like smoke?
We can help.
Our powerful ozone treatment service will remove almost any odor from your rug safely and permanently
Choose Your Ecosuds Experience Deep & Dry Organic Deep & Beautiful Deep & Beautiful +
Pre-cleaning walk-through and inspection with client to note any areas of concern i i i
Move furniture* i i i
Thorough professional vacuuming to remove loose dry soil i i i
Vacuuming edges with crevice tool i i i
Apply pre-treatment to loosen embedded soil and allow time to dwell i i i
Apply spot treatments i i i
Brush in pre-treatments i i i
Von Schrader Low Moisture Air-Cell Extraction Deep Cleaning i i i
Host Dry Organic Deep Cleaning. i    
Organic Plant Based Material i    
No Down Time. Carpet Dry in Minutes i    
Machine Scrub heavily soiled areas i i i
Carpet Edge Detailing     i
Re-treat any spots and stains the were not removed with cleaning i i i
Re-clean spots and stains i i i
Apply GreenGuard Carpet Stain and Soil Protector     i
Pile Brushing to restore softness i i i
Replace Furniture on plastic tabs  to avoid staining
Not Needed
i i
Post-cleaning walk through with client to assure satisfaction i i i
30 Day No Spot Return Warranty
i i i
30 Day Accidental Spill Warranty
i i i
6 Month Accidental Spill Warranty
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The Cleanest, Healthiest, Fluffiest Carpets You Have Ever Had.......Guaranteed!
Ecosuds offers three levels of service to fit all budgets and needs.
We believe in no-surprise pricing. We will never participate in "bait-and switch pricing" (where you are quoted a low advertised price then are told it will be much more expensive when the technician arrives).
Companies that offer low, low prices often rush the cleaning, use inferior quality & toxic cleaning products, and offer little training to their employees.
Ecosuds provides beautifully clean carpets, not just carpet cleaning.
We are so confident that you will love your
Ecosuds carpet & upholstery cleaning experience that if you are not absolutely delighted when we are done, you won't owe us a penny!
Really, Really Clean Carpets & Upholstery
Why You Will Love Us !
We use non-toxic & Green Seal Certified cleaning solutions
We use 1/40th of the water of the Hot Water guys, so your carpets & furniture dry super-fast.
Ecosuds technicians are well  trained, certified, friendly, & courteous
The anti-resoil ingredient in our cleaning solution will keep your carpet & furniture looking cleaner
2-3x longers
Carpet Cleaning Packages
We guaranty that spots that are gone when we leave will not return, or we will be back to re-clean them at no-charge.
Mix and match packages to suit your needs
Earn free cleaning with your
no-charge SudsClub Membership.
Ecosuds offers the industry's best satisfaction guarrantee
Fragrance free and hypo-allergenic solutions are always available at no extra charge
Our low-moisture process does not wet your underpad or soak deeply into your foam, so mould and mildew will not develop.
* We will move most smaller and lighter pieces of furniture on request. Large pieces such as China cabinets, dressers, entertainment centres, and beds are typically left in place. We will move large pieces at additional cost with advanced notice (an additional technician may be needed). Please note that we do not move fragile items or electronics.
Renew and enjoy your carpet for many more years and by adding these services
Protect your Investment
Adds a 6 month to 1 year stain protection guarantee**
Odor Exploder Treatment
Odor Exploder will neutralize the disagreeable odors
from pets, saturated stale food odors, smoke odor after fires, furnace backups, smoky fireplaces, and other odors not caused by mold or mildew, as well
as bacterial growth. This is not a masking agent, but an odour counteracter
Pet Accident Odour & Stain Treatment
Sometimes our "best friends" have little (or big) accidents. Ecosuds technicians are experts at removing all times of pet accidents from your carpets and upholstered furniture. We use non-toxic and biodegradable solutions that are safe for you and your pets.
Ozone is nature's deodorizor and disinfectant.
For serious odours caused by smoke, tobacco, pet accidents, body odours, rotting food, illness..... Almost any organic odour, ozone ius your best choice. We will safely and permanently remove your odour problem.
Ozone Generator Treatment
Specialty Stain & Spot Treatments
Sometimes, even our amazing process cannot remove all the spots and stains that have occured over the years on your carpet. That is when we pull out the "big guns" and go to work with our knowledge of chemistry and fabrics. Each stain or spot is different, and we can usually either completely remove, or substantially fade those annoying blotches on your beautiful carpet.
Call us to "Get the Ulgy Out" of your carpets
Did you Know??
Carpets cleaned with our amazing Von Schrader Process will look clean 2-3 times longer than those cleaned with other methods. That is due to the unique anti-resoil ingreedient built into the Von Schradar cleaning process.
**Our 6 month to 1-year stain protection warranty.

If you spill something on your carpet that we protected with GreenGuard (6 months of protection) or Sun and Seal (1 year of protection) protector, and you cannot clean the spot off yourself with the bottle of GreenWizard we will leave with you, Ecosuds will return to your home to clean the spot at no-charge. Up to two spot cleanings in a twelve month period from the date of cleaning.
Your carpets will look clean 2-3x longer
compared to other cleaning methods
The anti-resoil residue in our Von Schrader cleaning solution allows dry dirt to slip right off so your vacuum can suck it away.
Other methods leave a sticky residue that holds onto dirt making your carpet look dirty soon after cleaning.
Benefect Sanitizing and Disinfecting.

Bacteria, viruses, germs, moulds, and other micro-organisms can be dangerous to you and your family's health. We can safely Sanitize your carpet or other surfaces using a safe alternative to the toxic sanitizers often used by others.
Our Benefect Botanical Sanitizer will safely kill 99.99% of the bacteria it comes in contact with. Benefect is derived from Thyme Oil and is the perfect product to use around babies, pets, the elderly, and those with health sensitivities.

The Ecosuds "You Must Be Absolutely Delighted" Guaranty.

You Must Be Absolutely Delighted When We Are Done.
If you are not absolutely delighted when we finished "getting the ugly out" of your carpet, we will re-clean the area without question. If you are still no absolutely delighted, you will not owe us a penny.

30 Day No Spot Return Guaranty.
Have you have ever had your carpets cleaned by one of those other companies in town, and a few days later the spots that were gone when they left returned?
Ecosuds guarantees that won't happen using our patented Von Schrader process. In the unlikely event that a spot does re-appear within 30 days, we will return to clean it at no-charge

30 Day Accidental Spill Guaranty.
There is little more disappointing then spilling that wine on your newly cleaned carpet. If you selected our Deep & Beautiful package, if you have an accidental spill that cannot be cleaned with your own spot remover, we will be glad to return to re-clean that spot for you (maximum one return spot cleaning)

6 Month Accidental Spill Guaranty.
If you choose our Deep & Always Beautiful package, and you have an accidental spill that cannot be cleaned with your own spot remover within 6 months of your cleaning, we will be glad to return to re-clean that spot for you (maximum two return spot cleanings).

The Best Guaranty
in the Business
Would you like an estimate based on your specific needs?
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We can't promise that you will get the lowest price, but we do promise you will love the value and the quality of your cleaning.
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Don't let those small spills become huge disasters

Ecosuds offers two types of protection for your beautiful carpets and upholstery
GreenGuard is the first carpet and fabric protector to be designated "approved for the environment" by the EPA. We offer a 6 month stain protection guarantee when you have GreenGuard applied
SolarSeal protects your carpets and upholstered furniture from soiling, staining, and sun fading. Due to it's exceptional barrier properties, we offer a 1 year stain protection guarantee* when you have SolarSeal applied.

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