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Here are some points to consider if you decide to contact any of the companies listed:

In addition to the our unique Host Organic Dry and Low Moisture Foam methods, there are three main cleaning methods: Hot water extraction (steam), Rotary Foam cleaning and absorbent compound cleaning. Each cleaning method uses a different combination of equipment and products.

Any carpet and upholstery cleaning professional should first assess the job to be done and carry out a pre-test, so that they can provide you with an accurate price, estimate the length of time for the clean and make you aware of any key information to help you decide whether you should go ahead with the clean.

All professionals should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the work they do.

Most importantly, check out the companies reviews. Do most of the reviews have both first and last names? Do many of the reviews sound alike or have similar spelling errors? Some companies are notorious for posting fake reviews, so make sure you chose a company that is posting legitimate reviews only.

Independent research (the Carpet and Rug Institute) recommends that carpets be cleaned every 6-12 months. We recommend you clean and refresh your soft furnishings every 12 to 18 months. However, this very much depends on your circumstances, for instance whether your home is prone to heavy soiling because of children or pets or whether anyone is your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or health sensitivities.

When you clean your carpets and furniture regularly, you remove potentially damaging abrasive soil, extending the life of your carpets and upholstery. The more frequently you clean, the longer lasting the results each time.

Air Cell Extraction™ technology uses thousands of tiny Air Cells which are 90% air and only 10% moisture, which prevents over-wetting. Air Cell technology dramatically lowers moisture which eliminates problems associated with wet cleaning.

• Cleans deeply and completely. Other cleaning processes leave dirt-laden water behind or just clean the surface of your carpet. Von Schrader’s air cell extraction cleans all the way down to the base of your carpet and extracts all the soil in just one pass. In fact, it is so unique that it’s patented.

• Dries quickly - often in just one to three hours. No over wetting or bad odors. No shrinking, warping or mildew. The air cell extraction process uses bubbles for moisture control– not gallons of hot water – to get your carpet and upholstery completely clean. We're also green and aircraft approved. It's the perfect encapsulation system.

• Is safe for people, pets — and the environment. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning processes use gentle, biodegradable, non-toxic, and fragrance-free detergents that leave no sticky or oily residues to attract and hold soil.

The Host Organic Dry method is different from any other method out there.

With Host Organic Dry:

- There is no down time. The carpet is ready to go back into service as soon as we are done.

- No toxic chemicals. The Host process uses organic plant based micro-sponges

- No sticky residue to re-attract dirt.

Sofa cleaning in Hamilton Ontario by Ecosuds Technician
Von Schrader Dry Foam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning in Grimsby Ontario by Ecosuds
Oriental Rugs Cleaned by Ecosuds

We can usually give you a good estimate on the phone, but the condition of your carpet, furniture, or rugs may be different from another customers. Some people bring in a carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning company every year. Others wait until it looks like it really, REALLY needs cleaning. The price for a clean is not just dependent on the room size or amount of upholstery to be cleaned, but the type of carpet or upholstery fibres, the amount of soiling or staining and even whether it needs substantial deodorizing. Specialized treatments might also be necessary or desired, so these would also need to be costed into the price.
It is better for you that we assess the potential job properly and be sure of the level of work involved, so that we can give you an accurate price.

This depends on the size of the room or the amount of carpet, upholstery, or tile and grout we would be cleaning. It will also depend on the level of soiling and whether there is any heavy staining.

We will be able to provide you with an approximate time once we have assessed the job to be done and we provide our free, no-obligation quotation.

Not if you don't want to be. We should be able to indicate the length of time the clean will take when we provide you with a quotation, so you can always leave us to get on with the job for this period of time. Alternatively, you can provide us with a key, if it makes things easier for you.

If you chose our Host Organic Dry Process, you will be able to walk on your carpet as soon as we are done, even in your socks!

If you chose our Low Moisture Foam Process, technically you should be able to walk on carpets immediately, as there is no dirt-attracting residue left behind following an Ecosuds cleaning (but you would have damp socks). However, to avoid potential accidents as a result of slipping on a damp surface, we recommend that carpets be left to dry for a couple of hours.

Most carpets dry just a few hours, although this drying time is impacted by the type of carpet fibre, the soiled state of the carpet prior to cleaning (amount of solution applied) and of course, the weather conditions (it does take longer to dry on a hot and humid summer day)..

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Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning in Hamilton and Burlington ON by Ecosuds
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Professionals will usually refer to a surface mark or substance on the carpet or upholstery as a Spot and a discolouration of carpet or upholstery fibres as a Stain. Spots are typically easier to remove. Sometimes stains are permanent. Spot and Stain repellant after-treatments like Green Guard and Sentry Shield minimize the likelyhood that spots or stains will become permanent blights on your carpets, rugs, or upholstered furniture.

Have you ever bought a cheap item then regretted the purchase after you purchased it? If a company charges a low, low price they need to cut corners somewhere to do the work profitably.
 - Will they take the time to do the job well?
 - Will they train there employees to be sure the job is done right and to make sure they don't ruin your carpet or furniture?
 - Do they have insurance to protect you in the case of an accident (if there employee slips in your home and the company is not properly insured, you can get sued)?
 - Are their employees covered by WSIB?
 - Do they use all green cleaning products or the much cheaper toxic products.
- Will they rush the job and leave your carpets over-wet and smelly?
- Do they offer a 100% you must be delighted warranty? 

Also....Those carpet and upholsery cleaning companies won’t be offering the same level of service as Ecosuds. Alternative methods of cleaning may appear to be cheaper, but the fact is that the Ecosuds Von Scrader Air Cell Extraction™ method saves you money in the long run. That is because it cleans your soft furnishings in an entirely different way .

Carpets cleaned by Ecosuds stay clean 2-3x longer and actually re-soil less than a new carpet. That is because our unique method leaves a dry anti-resoil coating on each fibre. So even though regular cleaning is necessary to extend the life of any carpet or fabric, you’ll actually need to clean them less frequently than you would do with other processes.

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While many companies now use some green products, there is a lot of "green washing" due to so many people now asking for green carpet and upholstery cleaning.
When we started Ecosuds way back in 2008, we were pioneers in offering green cleaning services. We search high and low for systems and cleaning products that allowed us to be green and sustainable in all ways:
 - Our cleaning solutions are certified green, non-toxic, baby and pet safe.
 - Our Von Schrader process use 1/40th of the water the old steam cleaners use.
 - Our Host Dry process  uses organic, plant based micro-sponges and only 1 teaspoon of water per square foot.
 - We generate considerably less waste.
 - Our equipment does not need large gas-guzzling vans to transport.
 - We do not run a large gas or diesel motor driven cleaning system in a van all day long.
 - We contribute to clean water and sanitation projects through membership to and donations to Rotary International.

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